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an adventure in texture

food textures that is!  On a recent trip home to visit wedding sites, my sister and her family and I started the discussion of foods that are a weird combination that we like because they are usually together.

  • pasta with red sauce + salad (okay actually this is where their ideas stopped…the rest are mine and mine alone)
  • rice + peas
  • ice cream + crunchy things (anything crunchy) or chewy (raisins)
  • sausage + maple syrup
  • eggs + maple syrup

Breakfast: (not pictured – slice of raisin/pecan bread on the way to the train)

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 apple sliced up
  • mix of raisins, craisins and raw cashew pieces
  • cinnamon


Terrible picture of LEFTOVERS!  pasta and sausage with spinach.  I swear I’m not hiding all of the pasta/sausage with spinach…it was more like a 3:1 ratio of spinach to the other good stuff.

Snack: left over granola from yesterday and raisins and craisins

Dinner:Well it appears that my picture taking is representing my thoughtfulness of my eating (or lack thereof).  Molly made a really good mustardy green bean/spinach mix, and I think that this pork chop had a mustard sauce on it to hold on the crumb mixture.  I loved the mustard part!  Side of corn bread.

Also not pictured: apple w/ chocolate almond butter for snack, small plum and 2 dove chocolates.

Wedding Wednesday update:  THIS close to securing location and a date!



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